May 10, 2019

Bluetooth speaker lighting

Our outdoor garden LED light with built in bluetooth music speaker

Music is a major part of life. One way or the other we all like certain types of music and can be found at some point humming away at a song. Technology has advanced so much in recent years with the advent of digital music and also the devices we use to listen to it. Portable Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to this advancement. The ability to take your music with you wherever you go and to listen to it effortlessly is now a part of everyday life for some people. Technology has taken things one step further by introducing this technology in to other important products around the home. In the lighting industry this has happened with light fittings. Bluetooth speakers have now been integrated in to light fittings so now you can listen to music through your bathroom light, or your garden light whilst enjoying a barbeque. At Warmmead we now have access to these new innovations and they are available to order instore or online. To read more about wireless Bluetooth speaker lighting you can read the latest Lightahome blogpost on the link above. To view the range on our online store you can follow this link to access the complete Bluetooth music speaker light range.

A bathroom mirror light with built in Bluetooth music speaker

The Bluetooth music speaker illuminated mirror now available at Warmmead & Lightahome