February 8, 2019

5 double insulated statement lights for 2019!

The Vasily ceiling light in the shape of a star

We have had a reputation at Warmmead over the years for being able to get any kind of light fitting or bulb no matter how obscure. In recent years, one thing we have been asked more and more often is do we stock double insulated lights. For those of you who are scratching your heads, a double insulated light (or class 2 as it is sometimes referred to) is a light that is safe to fit in your home even if you don’t have an earth connection. Historically the choice of design with this type of light was quite limited. Fortunately, today the choice is much bigger and much more exciting. In our latest blogpost we have gathered together 5 class 2 ceiling lights that really create a statement in your home. Although the entire range is much bigger, we think these 5 lights are a great example of the choice of double insulated “statement” lights that are available. Why not have a read of our latest lighting blog post here and maybe pop down to the store to see if we could help you choose your perfect light.

The Vasily ceiling light in the shape of a star

Double insulated lights don’t have to boring anymore!