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You can contact Warmmead Lighting & Lightahome (Our online presence) in a number of ways:

Telephone the Holyhead Road showroom: 024 7659 2126

Telephone the Internet Department (Lightahome): 024 7671 7043


Write to: Warmmead, 256-260 Holyhead Road, Coventry. CV5 8JN

Social Media: Please follow the relevant links from our homepage for our social media activity

Established 1977
Established 1977

6 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Please advise if you can supply a bathroom extractor fan to replace the existing unit which has the following dimensions:
    fan diameter 3½”
    mounted in a frame 6″ x 6″

  2. Thank you for your message. Our Holyhead Road Showroom may have something suitable. I would suggest giving them a call first and speaking with our Electrical Department on 024 7659 2126

  3. Today at approximately 4:40 pm, I went in to your Holyhead Road shop to order a replacement glass globe for a lamp. I was directed to the lighting section and there was two women serving. One was serving a customer and the remaining woman was standing with her arms crossed. Her non verbal communication signs indicated that she had no interested in serving me. I asked whether I could order a red replacement globe and was met with an abrupt ‘No’. In shock I repeated my request and she responded with ‘ I hear you – just white’. This was said quite rudely and abruptly. Her arms crossed. She had no intention of being helpful or polite. She then explained that there was only white. This continued in this vain for another couple of minutes. It was only when the other woman looked at her. At this point she seemed to change attitude and offered an internet site where I should look for the replacement globe.
    As a customer for many years and having made a number of purchases., I was shocked and disgusted by your shop assistants attitude. I will review whether to use your shop again.

  4. Dear Mrs Burns,
    Please let me apologise for 2 things. Firstly for taking so long to reply to your comment. Our system on the website that allows users to comment on posts has had some major issues since it was launched and we have only just seen your message come through to us! Our customers find it a little easier to email us instead. I appreciate your message was around 2 months ago but having seen it I didn’t want to just leave it as one of those messages that gets ignored. Please accept my apologies for this.
    Please also accept my apologies for the attitude of the member of staff that you experienced on that day when you visited our store. It was unacceptable behaviour and I will be passing your comments on to our MD to evaluate what can be done with this particular member of staff (I’m pretty sure which one you are referring to). I would ask you hopefully not to judge us on the behaviour off one individual but the service and effort we have put in to building Warmmead in to what it is today. Next year is our 40th year of trading and I would like to hope that we may see you again at some point in-store though I fully understand if you don’t want to visit us any-more. In either case once again please accept my apologies.
    Kind regards
    Dave Riley

  5. On Saturday 10th November we purchased an expensive set of Christmas lights from your shop to be used on the outside of our house . Upon getting them home we realised that the design was not great and as we had not taken them out of the box we decided we would take them back . On Monday 12th December at approx 5pm we took them back where it was explained to us that Christmas decorations and lights were non refundable even though the assistant in your shop agreed with the issue on the bad design . We were not even offered an exchange or credit note . We were also told that the multi function switch on all outside lights Is always like this , simply not true as I checked some out in Homebase and the button for the muti function is on the plug which would be plugged in on the inside of the house . I have also checked with Wilkinson,Homebase and Waitrose they all offer full refunds on Christmas lights .Unfortunately for us there is an A4 sign on your cash desk stating this policy but as the shop was quite busy and 2 ladies were standing in front of the sign we did not notice it . At no time were we told about this policy by any of your staff. Bad service all round I feel and I’m sorry but we will not be spending our money with you again !!!

  6. Dear Mr Reilly

    Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to your e-mail as I wanted to talk to a member of staff first so I could get the full picture.

    I fully appreciate your comments. The policy was applied some years ago to stop certain customers who used Christmas lights and then brought them back after Christmas for refunds even though there was nothing wrong with them. As a small company we don’t have the “clout” of the major stores who return them to their suppliers for credit and consequently we were stuck with stock that we couldn’t return and had to be repackaged and sold off at a vastly reduced price.

    The policy was implemented to stop this practice happening.

    Obviously your case is somewhat different and to be honest I fully understand your position.(The lights we sell are from a Swedish Company who are market leaders in Scandinavia and their lights are of the best quality – the controllers are made to be used outdoors and I have had sets for years

    which have never caused any problems.)

    However I have always instilled on the staff – a degree of flexibility especially as the lights were unused and in original packaging. So in your case there should have been a degree of flexibility applied which unfortunately wasn’t and I have spoken to the staff members concerned about this.

    In order to keep the goodwill I am happy for you to return the lights if you wish to for a refund or exchange. I am sorry that you have had to take the time to e-mail me but hopefully we can resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

    Kind Regards

    Nigel Dawes

    Managing Director

    Nigel Dawes
    Managing Director

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